Leading companies in Furniture value chain to implement their digital transformation strategy.

Enroll in the online and free of charge training course for Digital Transformation Managers for the Furniture Sector

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DITRAMA EU project partners are glad to introduce the training course “Digital Transformation Manager (DTM) for the Furniture Sector.

It’s a complete and interactive online training course, free of charge.

It is available in 7 languages (English, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish).

The training materials and online course have been created in the framework of the DITRAMA project, a Sector Skills Alliance co-funded by the EU ERASMUS+ program, by 12 partners from 8 EU countries.

The Digital Transformation Managers will be in charge of leading the deployment of the digital transformation within companies in an integral manner.

This professional will require technical, technological and managerial knowledge and skills, vision for their deployment within the sector and transversal skills for change management. The course consists of 100 micro training pills (70 hours) grouped into 10 units, that cover strategic as well as practical aspects. The online course offers two training paths: for Higher Education students (EQF 5 with 2.8 ECVET credits) and for Vocational Education & Training students (EQF 4 with 1.4 ECVET credits)


• LU 1 Digital technology – exploration of contemporary emerging and potential disruptive  technologies

• LU 2 Digital technology – engineering and manufacturing

• LU 3 Digital technology – simulation and AR/VR

• LU 4 Digital technology – data & security

• LU 5 Innovation and digital transformation

• LU 6 Leadership in digital transformation

• LU 7 Communication in digital transformation

• LU 8 The people within the digital transformation

• LU 9 Quality, risk and safety in digital transformation

• LU 10 Social and environmental impact of digitization

The guide can be accessed at:

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