Danube furniture Association

The main objective of the Association is to increase economic competitiveness on the domestic and international market, through quality, innovation and sustainable development of operators in the furniture industry and the development of a competitiveness pole.

Specific objectives:

  • Development of a common infrastructure of materials through research-development-innovation and technology transfer activities (new technologies specific to the furniture industry);
  • Strengthening and developing the value chain by increasing the interaction and collaboration between the members of the association and attracting other entities that share the vision, mission and objectives of the association;
  • Increasing aggregate export revenues, expanding into new markets and consolidating the Association’s current market shares;
  • Implementing common quality management standards to improve joint procurement and sales at the Association level;
  • Developing the management of the association in activities for monitoring the legislation in the field of the furniture industry, which should be materialized in legislative proposals and / or amending the existing legislation;
  • Applied research and application of results in the production process;
  • Creating the conditions for integration between research and development and production in the field of reference;
  • The Association also considers research, development and innovation objectives; marketing, internationalization and branding objectives; training and education objectives; communication and governance objectives