About us

The furniture products represent a strategic field, at national level, selected in the National Export Strategy of Romania 2014-2020 to support and promote the export of SMEs active in this field.

In view of the territorial concentration of furniture producers mainly from wood but also from other materials in several development regions in the Danube basin, producers, universities, specialized companies have set up a cluster in the furniture field, in the  North East, South East, South Muntenia and South West regions. Cluster that can be distinguished by quality, excellence, originality and characteristics of the Danube regions mentioned above.

The Danube Furniture cluster wants to become a center of excellence in the furniture industry and an attraction for companies in the region that want to develop on the domestic and international value chain, in a combined effort, within a cluster-like structure. 

Thus, at the initiative of a group of companies, start-ups and a university entrepreneurial center, the “Danube Furniture Cluster” cluster was created.

Danube Furniture Cluster promotes innovation, technology transfer, entrepreneurship and collaboration based on mutual trust for developing and increasing the competitiveness of the companies that compose it.

The vision and mission of the Danube Furniture Cluster is to develop as much value chain as possible on national and international links in the field of the furniture industry, to identify as easily as possible the resources needed for the whole process, through RDI activities, and technological transfer and specific knowledge of the domain.